Sunday, 19 May 2013

A Thank You!


Another quick update post, wishing to thank the lovely people at Ink Pantry for posting their question and answer session with me regarding my contribution to their collected works, Sea of Ink. (The collection of work is also available worldwide at many online retailers!)

If you would like to see my Spotlight session, you will be directed to it by clicking here

Thanks again go to all of the crew at Ink Pantry publishing, for my inclusion in both Sea of Ink and The Spring Collection, available at the Ink Pantry shop!

I am currently neck deep in studies towards A230, Reading and Studying Literature, but wanted to take the time to give my regards, and a heads up to the above links!

Best Wishes to you all


© Neil I Fletcher - 2013

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Interesting news!

Hello everyone!

Following my OU course in creative writing, a few very talented fellow students decided to create a publisher, which they named 'Ink Pantry' with the aim of creating an anthology of student work from the course A215.  They were asking for submissions, so I re-edited a couple of samples of my course work, and with crossed fingers, submitted.  My hopes weren't very high, and I didn't tell any of my friends or family as I didn't want them getting exited for me needlessly!

After an indeterminable amount of time, I received a very unexpected email, which went along the lines of: 'Congratulations, one of your pieces has been selected for inclusion in the upcoming anthology, yet to be entitled.'  - Now, I did get excited at this, but still felt it best to keep quiet, until the physical proof is in my hands.  I am not really a superstitious sort, but still, didn't want to jinx anything by letting on too early.

Finally however, after the Christmas period, a brown paper wrapped object was fed to my letterbox.  Upon opening, I saw my limited run physical copy of 'Sea of Ink', (which is available as an eBook in a range of online bookshops worldwide!)  I am only now writing this blog entry about it, as I have been inundated with work for my latest OU course, A230 (Reading and Studying Literature) which I shall write about in a separate entry, when I can find some more time and energy!

I highly recommend to everyone this anthology.  My poem is surrounded by some amazing works of prose and poetry, by some equally amazing writers.  I am just proud to be in amongst them - and I guess can now call myself a writer?!  I do hope in the future to be able to write more - I shall endeavour to keep this blog informed of any progress!

Thanks for reading, best wishes to all!


© Neil I Fletcher - 2013

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wow, Nearly a year!

It's been a year of silence from me on this blog, and I am sorry that has happened!  My reasons for the lack of posts are the usual mix of being scared of posting something on here that I would later realise that I wanted for my OU coursework, feeling inadequate: that my work isn't worthy of publication.. you know, the usual!

I am now starting out my studies on my next module.  You will be pleased to hear that I passed A215, and am now embarking on A230 - Reading and studying Literature.  Now this is a scary prospect for me, analysing writings and coming up with plausible musings on meanings and so on..  The scariest part for me is the fact that there is an exam at the end of it!  3 hours of writing without a keyboard!!  Good job I bought all those pens last year, at least I have a chance to get my writing in gear before it is too late!

Well folks, I have officially dusted off this blog again.  I am not too sure how often I shall post, muse or ponder but I hope that I manage to keep a toe in the water.  I am hopeful that next year I shall move onto Advanced creative writing, so watch this space!

© Neil I Fletcher - 2012